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Okay, I mean, speech bubbles are real nice, but voices are even greater to make animations even more exciting! But can we do voices on GoAnimate?! The answer is yes! There are several ways to do that, and although it is not yet entirely integrated in the GoAnimate interface it is not that complicated either. Let's look at the different ways to do that:

1. Pre-recorded sounds
When you click on the "Upload" button in the studio and select the type "Sound - voice over" (or any other type of sound actually), and the tab called "Search Sound". There, you can search through a database of sounds that we make available to you. Type in "ouch", "kill", "swear", "laugh"or anything you feel like and you will get cool onomatopoeia that you can use to sound your animation. You can also get cool sound effects in this way.

2. Record yourself
Of course, that does not replace a good old conversation between characters or a voice over for your animation. If that's what you want to achieve, no way around it, you're gonna have to use your voice (or trick a friend into speaking into your mic).

Two ways to do that (to record yourself... not trick your friend!). Again in the "Upload" section, when you select "Sound - voice over" and the tab record now, you can record your own voice over your mobile phone. The procedure is very simple. Call the number written on the interface, type in the code and just speak to record your voice. The recording will then be added to GoAnimate.

3. Using a software
Another way to do this is to use a software on your computer and upload the files directly from your computer to GoAnimate. Most computers have a free voice recorder integrated in the operating system. If you want to play around with your voice after you recorded it, you can install some freeware as well. As a PC user (sorry) I use one called "Audacity" (a MAC version is available). Once the software is installed, the procedure is again quite simple. Record yourself, change your pitch, speed up or slow down the track, save it as mp3 and upload it to GoAnimate. Once you are done, you can use the recorded sound in any of your animations.

If you want to get more information about all this sound stuff, please let us know here and we can provide more details or discuss ways to improve the way we currently handle all this in GoAnimate. If you have other tips leave them as a comment below. :o)


  • gravatar Nilly

    I have left a comment on your blog under general discussion which concerns this topic and would love an answer. Thanks.

  • But I dont have a sound voice section under studio....why is that

  • Hi Ngozi93,

    To access the voice options you need to go to "My Stuff" and click on the "Import" button. You will then access the interface described in the above post. Sorry that it is a bit hidden. We will improve that in the future.

  • gravatar Anonymous

    I like the system, but after I spent all my time editing, I couldn't upload my own music I created! Houston, that's a problem. The most important feature is missing: the ability to add your own music with the ease of a quick mp3 uploader. Of course, only music owned by the artists should be allowed to prevent copyright infrngmnt. However, I think when that feature becomes available, it will be sweet!

  • Hi,

    If you were using Akon's theme, then it is not possible to upload your music. Akon can only sing Akon songs. But if you use any of the other themes it is possible.

    Let us know on if you have further questions or comments.

  • gravatar CheeseFries

    I can't find where to import sounds, all I see is for images!

  • At the bottom left of the stage in the studio, there is a link to "import sound". Click there to find the options.

    Make sure as I mentioned in my comment just above that you are not using the Akon theme. In that theme sound upload options are disabled.

  • gravatar Anonymous

    I can't upload music on my computer. And the only way I can upload sounds and music is to upload it from my computer. How do I do that

  • I'm from sweden so I can't record my self through my phone, since I can't phone to other countrys, and I can't upload my sounds from the computor, I can't save it as Mp3...? What should I do?

  • Hi,

    Regarding uploading sounds to our studio, .mp3 files should work just fine. They just have to be less than 8Mo.

    If you still have the problem, can you send us an email at with more details regarding the file you are trying to upload and the error message you're getting?


  • gravatar jeremy

    I have not yet put voices in my animations but I learnt how to. So on my next animation I will. But Ido not know how to make a ben 10 alien force cartoon.
    I hope i will see you agaiin.

  • gravatar Anonymous

    Okay so i recorded myself talking for an animation, but when i try to upload it, a little window pops up that says error and can;t proceed, but the whole window won't appear. Any ideas on how to get around this??

  • Hi,
    Can you let us know about your problem on the GoAnimate forum so that we can better follow up? You can also send us the file you trying to upload at support AT goanimate DOT com for us to see if there is something wrong with it.

  • gravatar Anonymous

    i watched one of the tutorial videos and the guy clicked on import sound and i saw this thing said text a do i get that?

  • The text to speech option is not publicly release because its quality is not good enough. You can record yourself and upload this to voice your animations. It's a lot more fun and makes the animation much better.

    You can download freeware like Audacity to help you record yourself and apply effects to create new voices.

  • gravatar Anonymous

    can u ask make a password so that no one can delete your animation so u have to ask for the password again

  • Hi,

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean. All accounts on GoAnimate are password protected. So, only the owner of the account can delete animations.

    If you are afraid your account has been hacked, you can changed your password from your user page > Edit Account Settings.

    Hope this helps.

  • gravatar Anonymous

    please help, when i put it to export as mp3, it says i need some kind of coder or something. what do i do?

  • have you got a computer generated voice function on go animate ? - I'm quite happy to have my characters speak in a deadpan voice - I just don't want to be doing the talking myself.

  • @Anonymous: If you are using Audacity, you need to download an extra piece of software to enable saving files as mp3. It's call Lame Encoder. You can find the information on where to find it and how to install it on the Audacity site.

    @Zara Lockwood: We have a Text-to-speech feature under testing. We might release it at some point in the near future. You can also visit the forum in the collaboration threads and ask for other users to help. There's been quite a few animmations where many users banded together to make voices.

  • gravatar Anonymous

    when I upload my voice, the characters are not animated like when you do text to speech, is there a way to do this?

  • Hey,

    You can still do it. It just takes a few more steps.
    1. You upload your voice
    2. Go to your stuff and drag your voice to the scene where you want the character to speak
    3. Select the character > Actions and select Talk
    4. You can also drag a cut effect (FX Tab) as an option to focus the camera on your character

    We will release a feature to allow you to upload voices directly to characters similarly to text-to-voice in the near future. This will make the process much easier.

    Alternatively, did you try to directly record your voice in the studio? This works on the character level as well. You can switch between text-to-voice and mic recording.

  • Whenever I try to record my voice through my phone, a sign comes before the instruction appear that says "Oops, there was a problem. Go 'back' and try again." Why do I get this?

  • gravatar Virginia Driving Hawk Sneeve

    Whenever I try to record my voice through my phone, a sign comes before the instruction appear that says "Oops, there was a problem. Go 'back' and try again." Why do I get this?

  • Hi Virginia,

    It's looks like there is an issue with our voice over the phone feature. If you have a mic, you can use it to record your voice instead. Simply click on a character and choose the mic recording option in the voice tab.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • gravatar Anonymous

    2 problems:
    1. I have successfully uploaded and used my own voiceovers. Now suddenly the option is gone. The options for bg music and effects are still there. Is there a limit to the number of voiceover clips?
    2. Why are the uploaded voiceover clips being cut off before they are done? A fraction too early, the sound cuts off. The voiceover is not edited that way, and the animation continues. It's also only certain clips, regardless of how often I re-record, upload and replace.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • gravatar Anonymous

    I am very confused. I just upgraded to the fancy version but I can't seem to be able to record my voice. The problem is I can't find the tab "record now". I go to "my stuff" and then "sounds and voices" and I can only import. I may be wrong but I thought I could record my voice directly on the computer. Can anyone guide me through this?
    Thanks your time and help.

  • Hi,

    Sorry that this blog post is not up to date anymore. To upload your own voice you can now click on a character and go to the "speech" tab on the left. There you have several options in a drop down: text-to-voice, record your voice or upload your own audio files.


  • gravatar Erica Etelson

    Can you provide updated directions on how to use my own voice for my characters? Specifically, I want to record my voice speaking the exact dialogue of my characters. Thx.

  • Hi Erica,

    To do so is really simple:
    1. Click on your character
    2. Select the voice tab on the left
    3. You have a drop down there. You can select Mic Recording or Upload file from there. For best results we advise you to record yourself in a separate software like Audacity first and then upload your sound file to GoAnimate. But you can also directly record yourself using the Mic recording feature.
    4. Press add voice. Done! Your character will lip sync with the voice you added.


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