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Hi Everyone!

Yet another update to tell you all about! This one is great news for the many Facebook fans out there. Now you can sign into GoAnimate using your Facebook account. This means that for new users coming to our site for the first time, can use their Facebook log in and GoAnimate will automatically create an account for them. On our front page, you will now see a "Login with Facebook" option next to the regular "Sign In" button.

For existing GoAnimate users, you will still need to connect your Facebook accounts from your userpage in order to make this work. This should help streamline your ability to share your animations and activity with your Facebook friends!

We hope you find this new feature helpful and as always look forward to hearing your feedback!


  • hi! im e5thertomboy14, but also esther@fb!! theres an add said to get free characters but you have to facebook......
    and when i click it, this came out

    Publish your activity feed to Facebook automatically and get free credits for creating custom characters! One credit immediately awarded for successful linking. Additional credit awarded for every five activities shown on Facebook.

    "Connection failed. Another GoAnimate account was connected to your Facebook."

    i think the problem is i have 2 accounts! one from FACEBOOK and the other one is from here! (e5thertomboy14)
    could anybody help me and find out whats wrong please?!

  • Let me reply on your user page directly. Yes, basically you can only connect to the same Facebook account once. That's why it does not work.

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