Instruct Visually: How to Produce High Quality eLearning with GoAnimate

In a third of a second your eyes have already held a conversation with your brain about the meaning of this sentence. They spoke of word order, typography, color, grammar, and a handful of other visual elements. You brain was trying to assign meaning to the words to decide whether to keep or discard the information. How the brain sorts through visual information is only one of the many challenges facing today’s instructional designers.

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Recap: GoAnimate attends Marketing Nation Summit

Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit 2017

“”The more personal the connection, the more genuine the response.”
– James Corden

What a lively few days at Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit. This year the conference drew in its largest audience ever with over 6,000 marketers coming from all over the world to our beautiful Bay Area. The GoAnimate team divided our time between our booth on the expo floor and attending as many sessions as possible.

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3rd Grader Proves How Intuitive GoAnimate Is

We love watching and sharing what our users are doing with GoAnimate. A particularly delightful video traveled around the GoAnimate office that was created by a father/daughter duo, Jamye and Colt Craig.

At just nine years old, Jamye produced, wrote, and starred in her first animated video with GoAnimate. What started as a school project turned into an empowering tool for the 3rd grader to find her comedic voice.

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[Case Study] MailLift improves conversion rates 67%

We recently spoke with Nick Akey, B2B Video Marketer at MailLift, an Austin-based startup that writes and sends handwritten letters for businesses (yes, like the company Joaquin Phoenix works for in Her).

Nick used GoAnimate to test the effectiveness of an explainer video. He wanted to put a video front and center on the 20-person company’s homepage, but first he needed buy-in.

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[Case Study] TalkRoute makes an explainer video with GoAnimate

We recently spoke with Paul Howey, Co-founder and CEO of TalkRoute, a Chicago-based startup re-designing the way small businesses receive incoming calls. Read more

Case Study: U.K. Developer Of Tracking Devices Saves $10,000 On Video Production With GoAnimate

Peter Thompson ImageU.K. Developer of Tracking Devices Saves $10,000 on Video Production with GoAnimate

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Case Study: Bond Agency Boosts Website Engagement With 22 GoAnimate Videos

JWJW Surety Bonds is America’s top surety bond provider and one of a very few that can approve bonds instantly online, using proprietary software. The bond agency normally ships bonds with 24 hours of payment, and its large bond volume allows it to negotiate the lowest rates with the top carriers in the country.

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Case Study: Marketing Agency Increases Leads 40% With GoAnimate Video

greystackWelcome to our Press And Mentions section, where we’ll show off some of our favorite mentions from around the web that feature GoAnimate for Business and our popular consumer site,, out in the wild!

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