GoAnimate Snowboarding 1

The Latest GoAnimate Release: February

Snowboarding and Skiing Actions & Outfits, Virtual Reality

Our snowboarding and skiing content pack arrived just in time for your trip up to the mountains this weekend. We utilized this fun, new content in a paid time off (PTO) explainer video for our office. Here’s an example of how you could use the new content pack in your own video:

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What's new in January?

What’s new in January?

January was a month of fixes for us after some of you wrote in with bug-related issues. The assets with gradient strokes that were not being supported by the HTML5 player are now good to go. Also, the Business Friendly actions with flipped arms/hands/legs issues has been resolved too.

Your feedback is always helpful, please keep it coming!

The Best New Animated Video Assets and Templates of 2016

What a year 2016 has been. Giant pandas are no longer endangered! PokemonGo became the go-to activity! The Juno spacecraft reached Jupiter’s orbit! Equally as important, GoAnimate was very busy releasing new templates, assets, and features based on your requests. As we bid adieu to 2016, here’s a round-up of our favorite new GoAnimate additions from 2016

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Sail the High Seas With Your Very Own GoAnimate Pirates

Ahoy there mateys!

Your GoAnimate characters are ready to take on the high seas of animated videos. Join them to find the buried treasure of more engaging video content.

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Introducing New Fonts for Global Video Communication

We often receive questions about writing text in languages other than English, and today we have some good news. We’ve expanded our international font support, making video production in (almost) any language easy to do in GoAnimate!

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Save Your Audience From the Clutches of Boredom With Animated Superheroes

Look up in the sky. It’s a bird..it’s a plane…it’s a cloud-based animated superhero! *cue superhero theme song*

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Customizable GoAnimate Characters Get an Update


They may live in a video-maker, but now they look just like us! The GoAnimate characters have been getting mini-makeovers over the past few months, and now they’re ready for their big reveal.

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Participate in the Election Narrative with Animated Video

Today is Super Tuesday, and as this crazy race for the White House continues, we want to empower you to take control of the narrative.

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An Easy Way to Create Last Minute Holiday Video Content


Happy holidays! The season is in full swing and 2016 is almost here.

This week, we’ve added new animated video and GIF templates to help you celebrate the season at the office and at home. New template scenes have been added to your video maker tray under “Holidays,” but you can edit almost any template to represent the holiday season. The new templates depict family dinners, parties, holiday sales, singing carols, opening presents, celebrating with co-workers and family, winter fun, and lighting candles.

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How to Boost Cyber Week ROI with Video and GIF Marketing

Thanksgiving is upon us. So begins the time of year to reflect on what we’re thankful for, spend quality time with our loved ones, and then ditch them at midnight to shove strangers hoping to save 30% on a TV.

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