We're Celebrating our 10-year Anniversary!

Break out the champagne, because today we’re celebrating our 10-year anniversary!

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eLearning Blogs to Inspire and Inform Learning Strategy

Our Top eLearning Resources

The eLearning community put themselves at the forefront of training technologies when they emphatically adopted video creation into their learning strategy. eLearning blogs are a go-to resource that have pushed to inform learning strategy and inspire video creation.


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GoAnimate Snowboarding 1

The Latest GoAnimate Release: February

Snowboarding and Skiing Content, Virtual Reality

Skiing & Snowboarding Actions and Outfits

Our snowboarding and skiing content pack arrived just in time for your trip up to the mountains this weekend. We utilized this fun, new content in a paid time off (PTO) explainer video for our office. Here’s an example of how you could use the new content pack in your own video:

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What are the Benefits of Onboarding New Hires with Video?

60% of organizations say they need to create a more efficient onboarding program that communicates more effectively. Since onboarding is so important to your colleague’s future success, here’s the key to making onboarding a more engaging and memorable process for your new hires– use video.

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Conference Recap: GoAnimate Takes on Learning Technologies in London

Members of the GoAnimate team flew 5,360 miles to London for the much anticipated Learning Technologies conference.

We were placed in the top 15 company websites at the conference to check out amongst MindTools, The Economist, and LinkedIn Learning.

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How to Combine the Power of GoAnimate and Lectora Online

Video has the power to visually capture an eLearning audience. It also gives you the ability to explain One of my favorite ways of using video in eLearning is during the onboarding process.

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3rd Grader Proves How Intuitive GoAnimate Is

We love watching and sharing what our users are doing with GoAnimate. A particularly delightful video traveled around the GoAnimate office that was created by a father/daughter duo, Jamye and Colt Craig.

At just nine years old, Jamye produced, wrote, and starred in her first animated video with GoAnimate. What started as a school project turned into an empowering tool for the 3rd grader to find her comedic voice.

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Our Hearts Get all of the Love with FitFebruary

Welcome to February, the only month in the year dedicated to all aspects of your heart. While Valentine’s Day gets all the love, so to speak, February is also Heart Health month. Heart disease causes more types of death in the United States than all types of cancer combined, so it goes without saying that your heart’s health is pretty important.

Week 4 Final Update: What a great month February was for our hearts. Good things happened– some of our colleagues dropped some weight, a few FitBits came back from the dead and tracked those 10K steps that we achieved, and let’s not forget that a few of us were finally able to do 35 push ups in a row. Ultimately, the Green team was unstoppable and shot out over 200 points ahead of every other team. Here’s to a March where people continue using their standing desks, an April where everyone drinks the recommended amount of water,  a June where we continue to get out of the office and enjoy walking meetings, and so on for the rest of the year. GoAnimate was hoping to tally at least 1000 points during the month and we surpassed that immensely with over 1794 points tallied! Go GoAnimate Go!

Green Team wins!
Green Team wins!


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What's new in January?

What’s new in January?

January was a month of fixes for us after some of you wrote in with bug-related issues. The assets with gradient strokes that were not being supported by the HTML5 player are now good to go. Also, the Business Friendly actions with flipped arms/hands/legs issues has been resolved too.

Your feedback is always helpful, please keep it coming!

7 Holiday Videos to Inspire Your Own in the New Year

All I want for the New Year is inspiration for holiday videos. Lucky for us some of our users and GoAnimate employees have made my wish come true with their own GoAnimate holiday videos. So whether you are not ready to dig into your inbox or want to relive the holiday season, here are seven holiday videos that you can draw some ideas from.

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