IconLogic Training Course: Creating eLearning Videos with GoAnimate

IconLogic + GoAnimate

We’re excited to announce our partnership with training company, IconLogic.

IconLogic is hosting a a new training course, Creating eLearning Videos with GoAnimate

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Socks in the City: How we used video to inspire our team

The Bay Area, where the GoAnimate office is headquartered, has an astounding disparity between the tech scene and our homeless population. We wanted to give back to our community and decided to donate new socks for the homeless.

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GoAnimate ATD Baseball Party

ATD 2017 International Conference & Exposition 2017

Will you be at ATD ICE?
We’re traveling to Atlanta for the ATD ICE conference next week, and we’d love to spend some time getting to know you while we’re there. Will you be in Atlanta for the conference too?

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Instruct Visually: How to Produce High Quality eLearning with GoAnimate

In a third of a second your eyes have already held a conversation with your brain about the meaning of this sentence. They spoke of word order, typography, color, grammar, and a handful of other visual elements. You brain was trying to assign meaning to the words to decide whether to keep or discard the information. How the brain sorts through visual information is only one of the many challenges facing today’s instructional designers.

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May the 4th be with you

May The 4th Be With You: How to Create Scrolling Text in GoAnimate

Full time Customer Success team member, full time Star Wars fan, Dany Rizzo wrote a popular post on how she recreates Star Wars’ famous scrolling intro text in GoAnimate. Happy May the 4th everyone!

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Marketo Summit Header Image, Account BAsed MArketing

Learn about ABM video strategy & connect with us at Marketo Summit

Will you be in San Francisco for Marketo Summit? We’ll be there, and we’d love to spend time getting to know you. Members of our team will be attending sessions, speaking, and on hand at Booth B636 throughout expo hours to teach you how to create animated videos and answer your video marketing questions.

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The Latest GoAnimate Release: March

What we added in March

Step aside winter, spring has sprung. Our platform did some spring cleaning and made some improvements.

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We're Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary

Break out the champagne, because today we’re celebrating our 10-year anniversary!

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eLearning Blogs to Inspire and Inform Learning Strategy

Our Top eLearning Resources

The eLearning community put themselves at the forefront of training technologies when they emphatically adopted video creation into their learning strategy. eLearning blogs are a go-to resource that have pushed to inform learning strategy and inspire video creation.


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GoAnimate Snowboarding 1

The Latest GoAnimate Release: February

Snowboarding and Skiing Actions & Outfits, Virtual Reality

Our snowboarding and skiing content pack arrived just in time for your trip up to the mountains this weekend. We utilized this fun, new content in a paid time off (PTO) explainer video for our office. Here’s an example of how you could use the new content pack in your own video:

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