Color Changing Office Props

For our customers making countless variations of “soft skills in the workplace” videos, we have good news. We know you’re looking to add variety to your videos, and we feel the same way. So that’s why we’ve made office props color-changeable, bringing more flexibility and brand control to your office-related content.

You now have the power to control the space your characters work in. Change the outdoor lighting blue to black to show the passage of time, transform your office from a dull grey to full color to illustrate a positive change, or modify an office template to better represent your workplace.

Here’s How it Works

It’s really simple. Click on any backdrop or office prop, and the action panel will pop out on the left. From there, you can easily change colors of office props and backdrops. Learn more about color features and how to use custom hex codes in this blog post.

GoAnimate Video Maker New Feature, Office Props

Make Your Own

If you liked the promo video above, you can put it into your account to modify and use for your own purposes. If you’re already a GoAnimate customer, or you have a free trial, login to your account and then click here to open the video in your video maker. From there, you’ll be able to see exactly how we made the character walk forward in the beginning (hint: it’s a new action), what sound effects we used, and how we layered props to create the color-changing effect. Let us know what you think at


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