GIFs are no longer solely reserved for funny internet memes. GIFs these days are useful. Whether you love them, love to hate them, wish you knew how to make them, or have no clue what they are — they’re here to stay.

Companies large and small are creating GIFs to explain, demonstrate, educate, entertain, and tell stories.

For the uninitiated, a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) file is a format for image files that supports both static and animated images. A single set of images are presented in a certain order and then that set loops endlessly. The popularity of GIFs is rooted in the looping, which hammers home something entertaining or notable.

At GoAnimate, we struggled to find a good animated GIF solution online for our own campaigns. So we just decided to build a great one ourselves. 🙂

Today we’re happy to announce that GoAnimate GoTeam subscribers can make and export animated GIFs in our video maker.

Here’s how it works

Start by creating a short and simple video in GoAnimate.

Then follow the exact same process you’d follow for exporting a video. Except this time, select the option to export as GIF, instead of MP4. Watch this short video for a tutorial.

THAT’S IT! Your GIF is ready to use.

Tips for creating GIFs in GoAnimate

Be sure to take GIF file size into consideration. Twitter, for example, accepts 5MB GIFs, but a file that large might slow down your website, and Facebook doesn’t accept GIF uploads at all. Check with your publishing platform before you begin creating GIFs.

GIFs by nature are limited to 256 colors per frame, although your computer (and the GoAnimate video maker) can display millions of colors. So, to prevent quality loss to your GIF file, it’s good practice to limit the number of colors used and avoid gradient backgrounds.

We’re seeing the best GIF results from videos that clock in between 5 and 15 seconds on the video maker timeline. This typically includes 1-5 scenes and a few movements or actions.

The GIF, for example, was created from a :07 second (single scene) video and downloaded at 360p. The converted file size is 1.3MB.

  EventGIFGIF Export is currently available only  for GoTeam subscribers. Please email with suggestions and feedback.