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Posted:  June 03, 2015  By:  Amanda Morgan

Ever tried matching a color without a HEX or RGB code? Or creating the perfect title scene, only to struggle with making the text POP from the background? It can be super difficult without the right tools.

Problem solved: we've launched three new features in Business Friendly ...

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Posted:  May 20, 2015  By:  GoAnimate

In just over 17 months Americans will elect a new leader of the free world. But that’s about all we know for certain. Strange events, blunders, and even some important debates are bound to happen on the trail. 

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Posted:  May 07, 2015  By:  Vignesh Subramanyan

On average, Americans give the federal government around 17% of their hard-earned dollars every year. That's a lot of money -- and we're not even including state taxes. So where does all the money ...

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Posted:  April 29, 2015  By:  Amanda Morgan


Are you following the Supreme Court marriage equality argument? Monday, the justices argued for over two and a half hours about whether or not the constitution grants same-sex couples the right to marry. 

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Posted:  April 28, 2015  By:  Amanda Morgan

In a Whiteboard video, the writing or drawing tool, often a hand, is used to lead the storyline and engage the viewer with the concept. The tool can serve as a visual cue, actively moving the video along. Many of our users love this feature. 

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Posted:  March 13, 2015  By:  Amanda Morgan

Yesterday, we hosted a Twitter chat as an opportunity for our customers to connect, share resources, learn from one another, and ask us questions. Some of the tips mentioned in the chat were so good, we wanted to make sure all of our customers could have access to them. Here are highlights of ...

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