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Posted:  September 14, 2015  By:  Amanda Morgan

At GoAnimate, we’re constantly updating the platform to help you make great videos quickly. Over the past several months, we’ve been adding scene templates like crazy to meet the growing demand of our customers. With more than 350 drag & drop templates now living in the ...

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Posted:  August 28, 2015  By:  Josh Anish

Love 'em or hate 'em, it's hard to deny that The Donald and The Bern aren't super hot right now. And what better way to express your opinion of these divisive gents than with animated video.

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Posted:  August 26, 2015  By:  GoAnimate

Laura Pence, President of Social Savvy Geek, posts about video marketing. The article talks about the growth in video marketing, common challenges faced by businesses in creating more video and how GoAnimate helps. Laura also includes an animated video she made in GoAnimate.

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Posted:  August 19, 2015  By:  GoAnimate

GoAnimate is expanding! Our CEO, Alvin Hung was interviewed about our new office opening in Taiwan. The article featured on Nasdaq's site covers some of Alvin's plans for the next phase of growth for GoAnimate.

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Posted:  August 13, 2015  By:  Amanda Morgan

GIFs are no longer solely reserved for funny internet memes. GIFs these days are useful. Whether you love them, love to hate them, wish you knew how to make them, or have no clue what they are -- they’re here to stay. 

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Posted:  July 27, 2015  By:  Gary Lipkowitz

Gary, our COO, guest posts on CCO Magazine. Most video projects are likely directed toward top or middle of the funnel activity, making ROI hard to prove. In this post, Gary shares some plain talk about what type of videos to consider based on different circumstances.  

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