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Posted:  May 03, 2016  By:  Vignesh Subramanyan

Look up in the sky. It’s a’s a’s a cloud-based animated superhero! *cue superhero theme song*

Posted:  April 27, 2016  By:  Amanda Morgan

We often receive questions about writing text in languages other than English, and today we have some good news. We've expanded our international font support, making video production in (almost) any language easy to do in GoAnimate! 

Posted:  March 03, 2016  By:  Amanda Morgan

They may live in a video-maker, but now they look just like us! The GoAnimate characters have been getting mini-makeovers over the past few months, and now they’re ready for their big reveal. 

Posted:  March 01, 2016  By:  Amanda Morgan

Today is Super Tuesday, and as this crazy race for the White House continues, we want to empower you to take control of the narrative. 

 Topics: New Assets

Posted:  March 01, 2016  By:  Vignesh Subramanyan

At GoAnimate, we’re committed to helping videomakers produce better video content and publish it quicker than ever. One of our goals, in fact is to simplify the publishing process for our users by consistently adding new video hosting partners and ...

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Posted:  January 27, 2016  By:  Amanda Morgan

Think back to your first days at your current job. Was it easy to meet new team members? Or were you feeling awkward in the lunch room surrounded by dozens of new faces?