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As many of you already know, we have replaced this blog with a brand new one.  We've released a ton of new content that is perfect for everyone who is interesting in making videos.  Check it out at the url below -

Video Maker Tips

We hope you like it :)

Separately, we recently released a couple demo videos on YouTube.  For your enjoyment:

- How To Make A Video

- What is GoAnimate?


Put Some Zing in the West Wing

About two minutes ago we launched a new quick-app -- overflowing with U.S. political candidates. The Washington Post's Michael Cavna (our Comic Riffs hero!!) jumped right on it. Awesome. He even made a couple of his own and challenged us all to do better.

Ready to have some fun with politics? Head over to the quick-app and, well, GoAnimate. Cavna says to post your own in the comments section at his Post article or email them to comicriffs@washpost.com

Need some inspiration first? Here's some.

OK. Ready, set, GoAnimate.


Guest Post: Call for Entries - Marza Story Circus Competition

This is a guest blog post from Marza and 100 Meter Films promoting their Marza Story Circus competition. Check it out and enter the contest!

Marza Story Circus is a competition run by Marza, the new animation arm of Sega-Sammy, the Japanese games company. The competition started last year and there were two winning stories.

This is from John Williams, a UK filmmaker who works in Japan, who set up the Story Circus competition for Marza and was one of the “judges.”

“The first thing to say about Marza Story Circus is that it isn’t really a competition. We aren’t really judging stories – Marza is actually looking for stories to put into development and they had the courage to try something new – to open up their doors to writers from all over the world.

The second thing that’s really interesting is that it is a sincerely “blind” process – last year we had four hundred entries from all over the world and I read them all first without any names attached. In fact when we were doing the preliminary selection for the first round, nobody in the room knew the age, name, gender or ethnicity of any of the writers.

By the time we got to the end of the process we did know more about the writers as we had asked them to do two more rewrites, and I had had some correspondence, but by that stage there were eight people in the room, reading on and commenting on the stories – including Marza producers, directors and script analysts.

What was also really interesting was that the two stories that we finally chose were unanimous favorites. There were nine great stories in the final round, but at the end of the day everyone in the room felt that these two stories should go forward into development.(I was sad to see a couple of personal favorites fall at the last hurdle, but I also agreed that those stories were not necessarily the kinds of stories that Marza wants to develop.

So, what was it we liked about the stories? Both were very different in content but both shared certain key features – the central concept was very simple – it could be reduced to a simple logline in which the character, conflict and theme were all clear. Yet, both stories had an emotional depth, and lots of humor. Both stories seemed fresh and original.

Of course these qualities are very hard to replicate and very rare, so I wouldn’t encourage any writer to try to replicate any kind of formula, as there isn’t a formula. If the story has a character that we love and care about, if the character goes through a tremendous life-changing adventure and if they live in a very interesting world, then maybe that’s a story for Marza.

This year we’ve simplified the process a little. We only ask for one re-write, and we also want to see more shorter, sharper synopses. The best writers seem to be able to tell their stories in under three pages. We’ve also increased the prize money and hope we will get even more entries this year.

For more details about the competition and how to enter, visit the following link: http://www.100meterfilms.com/en/story_competition/top.html

Guest Post: Peaches and Jam special 9/11 launch on GoAnimate

This is a Guest Blog Post by Andrew Hirsch who is releasing his new series Peaches and Jam on GoAnimate.

HEY GoAnimate,


I’ve been working in the entertainment industry for over 20 years now. I’ve spent most of my time editing TV shows and theatrical trailers, but over the years I’ve written, produced, and directed as well. I’m extremely grateful for my career, and proud of the work I’ve accomplished. But as you know, there is nothing like working on your own project.

About 8 years ago, I started developing an animated series for school age children. It's entertaining, it's educational, and it's really hard to get anyone to throw money at it. That’s "show biz" right?! But these things take time. And it’s starting to feel like maybe our time has come.

Back in April a friend turned me onto a site that allows you to create your own animated videos. So I thought, “This could be cool”... and he said, “No dummy, this could be great! Contact them and tell them about Peaches and Jam.” So I did. And I'm happy to say Michelle and Alvin embraced our concept, and immediately welcomed us into the mix. After years of frustration working with low budget cell and digital animators, to find a program so robust, so extensive, and so intuitive I can operate it myself…well that makes Go!Animate an incredibly powerful platform for me to harness my creativity, and realize my dream.

But there was still the issue of my kids, those little creatures of my imagination. Clearly there are plenty to choose from and/or create in Go!Animate, but these guys are family…and after 8 years of development, I couldn’t just abandon them. Alvin understood, and agreed to start with 3 of my 7 character designs and generate working [lil’ peepz] models. I have to say, I couldn’t be happier with the work Nicolas and his team did on Peaches, Jam, and Dot. And with the added ability to copy and create new [episode specific] versions with such ease…well that’s just gravy! Really tasty gravy!

Needless to say I’m crazy excited! 20 years of storytelling, 8 years of development, and 1 kick ass animation program…all that’s left to do is execute my vision. And that’s exactly what I plan on doing.

So with no further ado...well, that's not true...there is one more thing. Our first episode is not really indicative of how the series will play. I chose to make a piece to commemorate 9/11. It's kind of our "very special episode", which I realize usually doesn't happen until like seasons 3 or 4, but when I came up with this angle...well, I think you'll see, it may help create some dialog with kids...I hope. Future episodes will be based on much lighter topics, and be shorter in length and more playful in tone.

Watch the special 9/11 episode below:

Once again, I’d like to thank Alvin, Nicolas, and Michelle for their incredible support and willingness to participate in the realization of “Peaches and Jam”. I’m confident that together we will create content that’ll draw an even larger audience to Go!Animate, and help inspire future storytellers alike. Please take a look at the first of many Go!Animate generated episodes of Peaches and Jam. We’d love to hear your feedback, and appreciate those who have already weighed in. I have to get back to the studio now…Jam is about to set a new world record…find out how, on next week’s CHUNK OF HISTORY with Peaches and Jam!

Have Fun!


Sydney Opera House GRAPHIC Animation Competition

We are happy to let you know about an online animation competition where the grand prize is $20,000 and a chance to be invited to Sydney for the screening of your animation.

Read the detailed press release below for more information:


Sydney Opera House invites the worldwide animation community to take part in GRAPHIC: an online animation competition designed to celebrate the innovation, creativity and imagination behind art form.

Illustrators, animators and storytellers of all levels - from established to up-and-coming and newcomers - are encouraged to enter. The winning entry will score $20,000 prize money and be screened at a major GRAPHIC Festival event at Sydney Opera House.

A panel of judges headed by Animal Logic CEO and Producer Zareh Nalbandian (producer Academy Award Winning Happy Feet) and members of the public will vote for the most original and creative animations over the course of 3 consecutive rounds.



GoAnimate interview at Google I/O 2011

As some of you may know, back in May 2011 Google invited us at GoAnimate to their annual conference Google I/O. There we showcased our platfrom as part of their developers' sandbox. It was an honor to be in San Francisco and to have the opportunity to share our experience with some of the coolest developers around.

Now Google has just released an interview Alvin and Nicolas made at the event to talk about GoAnimate and how the recent partnership with Youtube helped increase traffic and is helping users on both platforms make and post animated videos online more easily.

Or watch the video right below:

Of course, without our great community we would not be where we stand right now. So huge thanks to everyone for supporting us. The first half of 2011 has been full of updates, new features and excitment, and we think that it's safe to say that the second half of the year will be as eventful if not way more awesome!

So. Let's all keep on animating! and have lots of fun!

GoAnimate Team


Winner of the Supricky06 Xbox 360 with Kinect contest announced!

GoAnimate's momentum is building on Youtube. We are seeing more and more animations posted there every day and more and more views being generated on those animations. Way to go community! Way to go! :o)

This recently lead to a contest being organized by Supricky06 where he challenged his audience and the GoAnimate community to create a video using GoAnimate explaining why they should win the grand prize: an Xbox 360 with Kinect (see the contest video here).

Well. The contest is already a wrap. The Winner has been announced. And it's one of our very own GoAnimate user: LittleTimmyTalks. Congrats to Timmy for his awesome animation and for winning an Xbox 360 with Kinect! ...

See below the winners announcement video by Supricky06:

And now for the winning video by LittleTimmyTalks:

Congrats again Timmy and to you all, stay tuned for more exciting news and contests in the near future!

GoAnimate Team.

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